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Below are some miscellaneous questions, such as accepted insurance plans other and issues that have come up and answers to those questions are included below. Hope they are helpful!

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Commonly Asked Questions //

​​Are these treatments covered under medical or vision insurance?

Unfortunately at present insurance coverage for myopia control treatment is not a covered service. With time that will likely (hopefully) change.

How long will it take to finish the myopia control treatment?

That depends on many factors such as age, family history, rate of myopia progression, etc. The normal range of time for treatment could be 2-4 years but could be as long as 10 years in certain cases.

How much does the myopia control treatment cost?

Since there are many methods used in myopia control therapy, the costs can vary widely as to which treatment or combination of treatments we deem necessary to obtain the desired effect. The cost is usually known at the time of your consultation, which is always free.

Do you offer financing for myopia control treatment?

We do. We offer financing through Care Credit healthcare financing which makes the treatments affordable for almost everyone.​

Health plans //

​​- Aetna

- Blue Cross/Blue Shield

- Cigna

- Oxford

- Medicare

- United Healthcare



- Davis Vision


- EyeMed

- Spectera

- Empire Plan

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