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Myopia Control.

Bringing FDA-Approved Myopia Management To New York


The Most Cutting Edge Therapies

At MCANY we utilize a customized approach tailored to be appropriate for the patients myopic condition level, age, physical abilities, medical conditions and other factors that would produce the most effective treatment results. Oftentimes, when it is indicated, a combination of different therapies can be used to produce a synergistic effect and maximize the value of the individual treatment options alone.


Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We have the most state of the art diagnostic equipment so that treatment can be very individualized and progress can monitored. Baseline myopia level, axial length of the eye and wavefront data are sequentially analyzed and measured over time. This ensures that the treatment plan can be modified and updated, if need be, to keep the patients goals first and foremost and to make certain that we are as successful as possible with meeting the expectations of each and every patient we treat.

Video //
Myopia Control in 2020:

What It Is And Why it Is Important.

What is Myopia Control and Why Is It Important?


In the above video, Dr. Scheno discusses what myopia control exactly is, how increasing myopia is linked with increased risks from other preventable eye diseases and briefly discusses some of the methods that are employed to control further myopic progression.

Treatment Options For Myopia Control

- Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)


- Peripheral Defocus Contact Lenses


- Low Dose Atropine Eye Drops

- Natural Light Therapy


- Combination Therapies

Doctor and Patient
What You Need to Know 
Before Choosing a Myopia Control Treatment Plan

​- When is the right time to begin myopia control treatment?

- Which treatment options are most appropriate in my case?

- How long is the treatment? What are the costs?

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